Four Star Restaurant Marketing Cookbook-

Recipes for Restaurateurs TM

Chapters & Recipes

Recipes for Restaurateurs® provides recipes in a reader-friendly format along with 100 tips, tools and tactics that can be easily executed by restaurant operators.  Below is a partial list of the recipes in each chapter.


1)  Marketing Ingredients:

This chapter provides tools for various marketing components, such as developing a marketing plan and communications prior to implementing the recipes in the following chapters:

  • Brand Building:  Defining your brand and developing a marketing plan
  • Marketing Research: defining your target market
  • Strategic Planning & Local Store Marketing
  • Advertising:  options, tracking and online, new media
  • Community & Cause Marketing
  • Communications and Public Relations:  Press release writing, media training, interviews, cause marketing, and crisis.
  • Employees:  training, rewarding and retaining employees.  Touching tables and guest experience.


2) Attracting New Guests:

This chapter provides various recipes for generating trial of new guests.

  • New restaurant openings
  • Street Marketing and sampling
  • Direct Mail


3) Frequency & Loyalty:

Recipes in this chapter provide strategies to generate sales from existing guests through various activities such as building loyalty and frequency.

  • Building Frequency
  • Increasing Check Average
  • Loyalty Programs and Bounce Backs


4) Community Events:

Recipes in this chapter provide step by step tactics to execute events such as giving back to the community and generating excitement during special occasions.

  • Fundraisers
  • Eating contests
  • Heroes day, industry night, menu tasting and VIP parties


5) Businesses & Groups:

This chapter provides various recipes for generating awareness and sales by targeting specific businesses or groups.

  • Car Dealers, dry cleaners, chambers of commerce
  • Hotels
  • Non profits
  • Sports teams
  • Banks, universities, churches, youth centers and more!


6) Kids:

Recipes in this chapter provide creative tactics to engage children and drive sales.

  • Kid’s Party
  • Back to school, school tours, student achievement program
  • Library and reading programs


7) Food & Menu:

Recipes in this chapter provide step by step tactics to generate sales during various day parts and menu offerings.

  • lunch and dinner promotions
  • Catering, off-site sales, school lunch
  • Kid’s, Teens, Elderly
  • Signature menu item and beverages
  • Holiday promotions
  • Food photography


8) Resources:

This chapter provides valuable materials for numerous recipes such as calendar, tracking sheets, advertisements and fliers on a CD, along with marketing definitions.



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